About the company

Singularity Games — The Pioneer of Cutting-Edge Game Technology and Innovation

As a gaming company located in Japan under the Hanlian Group, Singularity Games focuses on multiple IT (Information Technology) services. We strive for excellence in various fields, aiming to provide our clients with high-quality, innovative, and reliable solutions, which stands as our mission.

Multidimensional IT Services — A Fusion of Technological Innovation and Consulting Services

The company is grounded in both self-developed and externally commissioned IT system projects, offering multi-level technical support for clients. Through our unique art techniques, combined with AI drawing and proprietary gene illustration technology, we are committed to crafting distinctive game art elements, pioneering a new visual style for the gaming industry. Simultaneously, the company plays a significant role in the planning, development, and commercialization of IT-related products and services.

Comprehensive Services — Spanning Development, Sales, Maintenance, and International Collaboration

Singularity Games covers the entire lifecycle of application systems, encompassing development, design, leasing, sales, and maintenance, providing an all-in-one solution for our clients. In the overseas software application sector, we undertake advertising sales and translation services, delivering comprehensive planning, development, maintenance, and sales services for multi-national users in Japan.

Global Collaboration — Harnessing Global Resources to Craft Superior Experiences

With the support of Hanlian Group’s global resources and a diversified team, Singularity Games actively participates in international collaborative projects, expanding its business while promoting innovative concepts. We continuously seek breakthroughs in the gaming and IT sectors, aiming to offer an even more exceptional experience for global users.

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